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Ear Coffee Podcast - Alex Nordenson of Soundpruf | Interview

Picture courtesy of Alex Nordenson's Twitter and Echo Images

This week's episode of the Ear Coffee Podcast is a little out of the norm for us. I talked to Alex Nordenson, co-founder of Soundpruf. According to the company's website, Soundpruf is "a new personalized music dashboard for every serious fan that connects directly to your streaming platform account." Essentially, it's if had more robust features and a social media element.

I was not only interested to learn why a platform like this could be beneficial to the user, but how it would benefit bands, specifically DIY and underground bands who sometimes struggle to find footing in the sea that is Spotify. In the interview, Nordenson said that part of Soundpruf's goal is to help fans engage more with emerging artists.

He said, "A big part of what we are doing is helping music fans deepen their engagement with emerging artists that they support and they want to succeed." He went onto explain, "It starts with tracking how much time you spend listening to the artist, but we have ideas and features that go beyond that, into helping artists earn additional revenue from their streams and helping fans come along for the ride."

The company has even partnered with the band Last Import as part of its launch. It was this love of music and drive to support young acts that attracted the band.

"I thought Soundpruf was a really cool idea and as a young, broke band, we're always looking for ways to make some extra cash," drummer Jane Halldorson said in an email. She continued, saying, "When we met up, I could just tell how excited and passionate Alex was about his company - just by the way he explained it and how happy he looked as he explained it to me."

It will be interesting to see what this will mean for music fans and the up and coming acts that Ear Coffee covers.

You can listen to the Soundpruf episode of the Ear Coffee Podcast below, or you can find it on your favorite podcast streaming platform.


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