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DMX Covered Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer

Spotify has put together their holiday playlist. As you know, you can never start hating Christmas music too early. The playlist contains the typical Christmas covers from artists like Miley Cyrus (who is country again), Norah Jones, Wyclef Jean, Jack Johnson, Wolf Alice, and many more. For the most part, the playlist is kinda generic. There are some standout tracks, like Wolf Alice's vintage sounding cover of "Santa Baby." However, the cover of "Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer" by none other than DMX was an instant standout. All minute and 36 seconds of the song are pure holiday gold. With the festive beat and unmistakable DMX growl, this cover of "Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer" is a must have for this year's holiday season. The only downside is the cover lacks DMX's trade mark barking.

This is not the first time the rapper covered the classic Christmas tune. In a 2012 video, DMX covered the song in the studios of Power 105.1. The Spotify cover …

Ty Segall Is Back With Yet Another New Song

The prolific songwriter, Ty Segall has released another new track. "The Main Pretender" is the second song Segall has released this month, and the fourth song released under a single-colored artwork scheme. The previous release, "My Lady's On Fire," was released in the first week of November. "The Main Pretender," features saxophone as the primary instrument played by none other than the Mikal Cronin. The new track sounds like a funky response to "My Lady's On Fire." This song is loud and noisy, and everything people love about Ty Segall. Listen to "The Main Pretender" below.

The Main Pretender by Ty Segall

New Music Friday 11/22/17

Not a whole lot coming out, eh? Too bad it's mostly really good.

Sufjan Stevens - The Greatest Gift

Consisting of remixes and B-sides from his excellent 2015 album Carrie & Lowell, Sufjan Stevens' new "mixtape" is truly a gift. Includes new songs "Wallowa Lake Monster," "The Hidden River of My Life," and "City of Roses." Two new Sufjan songs also appeared on the soundtrack to the film Call Me By Your Name.

Bjork - Utopia

Ninth album from the Icelandic icon. Described as her "Tinder record," Utopia stands opposite her testament to heartbreak, 2015's Vulnicura. Co-produced with Arca. Includes singles "The Gate" and "Blissing Me."

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Who Built the Moon? 

Former Oasis guitarist and alleged potato releases third album with his backing band. Produced by Irish DJ David Holmes. Features "Holy Mountain" and "It's a Beautiful World."

Listen to Kidston's Debut EP

Minneapolis-based indie pop artist Kidston released their debut EP (EP1) on November 16. Follows the release of singles "Philo" and "Sober." The EP was debuted live at a release party on the night of release.  Check it out below on Spotify. It's very good. Also available on iTunes and Apple Music.

Tame Impala Shares New EP

Tame Impala have released an EP of B-sides and remixes from their 2015 album, Currents. The EP consists of three new songs and two remixes, notably a Soulwax remix of "Let It Happen." This material will be included on the Currents Collector's Edition, out tomorrow.
Listen to Currents B-Sides & Remixes below.

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard Announce New Album To Be Released This Week

Australian psych rockers King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard have been busy boys this year. They have release three albums since the beginning of 2017. February saw the release of "Flying Microtonal Banana," June had the second album "Murder of The Universe," and August had the third album "Sketches of Brunswick East." King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard fourth album, "Polygondwanaland," is to be released Friday Nov. 17. In a post to their Facebook page, the band decided to make the album free to everyone. The post linked below said, "This album is FREE. Free as in, free. Free to download and if you wish, free to make copies. Make tapes, make CDs, make records. The following file will be available to download at 9am Friday 17 Nov, Australia time..." 
For those of us who do not live in Australia, "Polygondwanaland" will be available Thursday Nov. 16 at 4 PM CST. 

New Album From The Breeders To Be Released In 2018

Marc Maron announced on his podcast "WTF with Marc Maron" that Kim Deal's band, The Breeders, will be releasing a new album next year. During the Nov. 13 podcast, Deal mentioned that producer and longtime friend, Steve Albini has helped to record parts of the new album. The Breeders have been on tour over the last few months; Ear Coffee editor Wes Muilenburg was able to see them open for Arcade Fire when they were in St. Paul on Oct. 29. His review can be found here
In early October, The Breeders released, "Wait in the Car," their first song in eight years. You can listen to the song below. 

New Music Friday 11/10/17
If I was a better person, this would be called New Music Saturday. However, no one reads this column so I can do whatever I want.
reputation - Taylor Swift
It's here, it's huge, it's kind of a mess! No matter what, this album is a cultural moment that will generate too many thinkpieces. The album is currently unavailable on any streaming services, but if you really want to hear it, buy it on iTunes.
Phases - Angel Olsen
The North Carolina songwriter, guitarist, and ridiculously talented singer releases a B-sides collection. Includes various songs from the past few years of her career, including quite a few previously unreleased tracks. Neat! Olsen's latest album was the excellent MY WOMAN.

Kid Kruschev - Sleigh Bells
NYC noise-poppers give listeners a treat (hah!) with this mini-LP. Citing a desire to release "shorter records at a more consistent rate," this may mark a new phase for the band where we get new records every six months. Follows 201…

Listen To Oh Sees' Frontman John Dywer On Marc Maron's "WTF" Podcast

Oh Sees' frontman John Dwyer is Marc Maron's most recent guest on his podcast WTF with Marc Maron. Their conversation spanned Dwyer's prolific giving listeners an intimate look. Like the fact that the night before the interview Dwyer, along with garage rock legends, Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin were at Medieval Times for a friends birthday, or that Dwyer is fan of Lorde. Oh Sees released the album Orc in August of this year, and in November, John Dwyer and Brigid Dawson is releasing Memory of a Cut Off Head under their project OCS.

Memory of a Cut Off Head is out Nov. 17 via John Dwyer's label Castle Face Records. Listen to the single "The Fool" below.

Ty Segall Leaves Out The Fuzz And Adds Sexy Sax

Everyone's favorite garage rocker, Ty Segall, released a new single on Nov. 7 titled "My Lady's On Fire." This single is the third song released by Segall since his summer 2017 EP, Fresh Shallots. "My Lady's On Fire" is sort of a left turn for Segall. The song is a gentile acoustic ballad turned '60s pop song with a sensual sax solo. While it is not unusual for Segall to experiment with different sounds, his January self-titled release Ty Segall focuses on psychedelia instead of his usual crushing fuzz, this single almost seems out of character.

 The previous two singles "Meaning" and "Alta" have also sounded out of character for Segall. The reason for the releases could be cleaning out his music vault, or he is prepping his fans for another album that sounds different than what fans are use to.

Listen to "My Lady's On Fire" below.

My Lady's On Fire by Ty Segall

Arcade Fire @ Xcel Center Review

Photo by Wes Muilenburg
On October 29, 2017, Montreal indie rock legends Arcade Fire took their Infinite Content Tour to the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. The show opened with a performance from another semi-legendary band, The Breeders. Both bands performed on a theatre-in-the-round stage.
The Breeders played a decent 12 song set. This included a cover of the Beatles's "Happiness is a Warm Gun" and the Pixies' "Gigantic." The performances was solid - all four band members are consummate professionals at this point in their long careers. However, the set was marred by some weak sound engineering and by the fact that the band had their backs to 75% of the audience. So much for an in-the-round experience.
The main show was kicked off when the band came in through a tunnel, a la any sports team. It was supposed to be a boxing joke. "Everything Now" has proven to be an excellent opener and it did not disappoint. The smaller crowd was instantaneously…