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Jed LaPlant Announces Debut Album

After years of on and off again recording sessions, Jed LaPlant will be releasing his debut record I'll See You Again.  The northern Minnesota native has a knack for writing lyrics that take moments in his life and paint a vivid picture that the listener can place themselves into. 

LaPlant describes I'll See You Again as a coming of age tale. In a statement to Ear Coffee, LaPlant said, "The song 'When I Was Younger' was really sort of the catalyst of the record. I wrote this song in the north woods of Minnesota feeling like I was miles away from home dried up in some desert land."

LaPlant was going through some massive life changes which led to him to go on a cross-country road trip on his motorcycle. He said, "I hit the road headed west figuring maybe I would spend a couple of days out in the Black Hills to catch my breath." However, he didn't stop at the Black Hills; LaPlant kept heading west with just his motorcycle, bedroll, and some food.