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The Good, Bad and Just Plain Terrible Albums Of 2017

Music fans have had quite the year when it came to album releases. Ear Coffee writers Joe Keyport and Wes Muilenburg compiled some of the their favorites, least favorites, and it's ok's of 2017. This list is far from exhaustive. If we wrote about all our favorite albums, you would be reading a novel and no one wants that.

Joe's List


Charly Bliss - Guppy
Guppy is the perfect mix of pop and alt rock. Front-woman and rhythm guitarist Eva Hendricks crafts surreal pictures with her lyrics that she delivers in a childlike tone. Guppy is nothing new but is not completely derivative of 90's radio rock. This album is simply upbeat and fun. There is a good dichotomy between dark, depressing lyrics and upbeat instrumentals. I have revisited the a-side of this record so many times since its release earlier this year.

Remo Drive - Greatest Hits

Remo Drive is a Minneapolis emo/punk band that has been taking the US by storm. Their debut full length album Greatest Hits is the record th…