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Ear Coffee's Favorite Local Releases of 2018

We did it (sort of)! Ear Coffee survived it's first full year, and there were only a half dozen or so hiatuses of varying lengths. As the hell-year known as 2018 is closing, we (as undoubtedly professional music critics) are yet again forced by the will of God to make lists of the music we liked. There were a lot of great local albums that were released this year that we did not cover for this list, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth listening to. Please enjoy the following selection of Wes and Joe's favorite local records of 2018. Check out our podcast episode covering many of these releases too - link at the bottom of the article!

Nick Check & the Dead Century - "One More Year" Single
It's rare for something released in January to sound as fresh as it first did at the end of the year. This single from the Dead Century has stayed true as some of the best material from the year. The band showcased all of their talents on both sides of the single. &…

Calvin Heights Break Up

Minneapolis indie-rockers Calvin Heights are no more. The announcement came Monday, December 3 in a post to social media.

In the post, frontman Brett Carey said, "Jordan (Wipf) and I thank you all for listening and supporting what we've done and we hope to see you in the future with something else. But as for now, our lives [are] changing and we desire to change with it."

Calvin Heights released their debut record titled Self Untitled in May of 2014. It featured a more indie rock/indie folk-influenced sound. 

Over the next four years and four releases, the band's sound (and line up) expanded and changed as elements of noise and experimental music made its way to the forefront.

The 2017 EP "The Possession of the Deer's Feet" marked a definite shift in Calvin Heights sound.

The Possession of the Deer's Feet by Calvin Heights

What is meant to be a prologue to their third full-length Worst Calligraphy, the EP confused and intrigued fans of the band with its c…