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CHVRCHES - "My Enemy" ft. Matt Berninger

CHVRCHES must have been reading Ear Coffee. They definitely saw Monday's article, and decided to announce their new album for real. The album art looks like pop-punk fan art. Love Is Dead is out May 25 on Glassnote Records. Additionally, they premiered a new song, "My Enemy," featuring The National's Matt Berninger, on Beats 1 this morning. So basically, everything Ear Coffee has posted about the band in the last week or so has come true. Listen to "My Enemy" below and preorder the album here.

CHVRCHES Reveal Tracklist For New Album 'Love Is Dead'

Scottish electro-pop band CHVRCHES have revealed the tracklist and (probable) title of their upcoming third LP, Love Is Dead. The band posted a photo captioned "LOVE IS DEAD" on their social media with lyrics and the tracklist overlaid. The album will include previously released single "Get Out." Another song, "God's Plan," will 100% be a Drake cover. However, it doesn't seem like the recently semi-leaked song "My Enemy," featuring The Nationals' Matt Berninger, will be included. Hopefully Berninger will pop up on a different traffic. It does also appear like there is a gap between tracks 4 and 5, so maybe there is a secret track. That'd be neat. Check out the tracklist and photo below.

Love Is Dead Tracklist 1. Love Is Dead 2. Grafitti 3. Get Out 4. Deliverance 5. Forever 6. Never Say Die 7. Miracle 8. Graves 9. Heaven/Hell 10. God's Plan 11. Really Gone 12. ii 13. Wonderland

Remo Drive Announce New 7", Release New Song

Remo Drive have been busy this week! Today, they announced that they have signed to iconic punk label Epitaph Records. Additionally, they are reissuing their excellent debut album, Greatest Hits, on vinyl and CD. And if that wasn't enough, they released a new song that will appear on a new 7" single. "Blue Ribbon" is an ode to making bad decisions (such as "eating candy and Blue Ribbon") in the interest of having a good time. The song features recently departed drummer Sam Mathys. Listen to "Blue Ribbon" and check out their new merch here.

Pop Music by Remo Drive

Remo Drive Part Ways With Their Drummer

Bloomington based indie rockers, Remo Drive announced via social media that they are parting ways with drummer Sam Mathys. In a statement on Facebook, the band said, "It comes with mixed emotions to announce that Sam will no longer be playing with Remo Drive." Mathys played with the band in the spring of 2014 before leaving the band do to creative differences. He then returned to his role as the bands drummer in early 2016. Mathys played on Remo Drives 2017 debut full length Greatest Hits. The band is still scheduled to support Sorority Noise on their upcoming US tour in March and April. You can read the bands full statement below.

Father John Misty Premiers New Song

Josh Tillman (Father John Misty) has been hinting at a new album since the end of last year. The idea of a new Father John Misty record became more tangible when he played a new song for a Tokyo audience during his tour supporting of his last album Pure Comedy. The track could be titled "Mr. Tillman, Please Exit The Lobby" because of a November 2017 interview with Uncut where Tillman gave the song titles to several of tracks on the forthcoming album. The record's title is yet to be released, but audiences can expect the album sometime in 2018. You can watch the performance below.

Preoccupations Release Second Single and Music Video

Preoccupations are really starting to sound retro with their new single “Antidote.” The Canadian post-punk band is adding back the sound of their debut full length Viet Cong by adding synths. The second self titled album Preoccupations was void of synthesizers and the return of the instrument along with the grittier production is quite refreshing. The band also adds echo to the drums to give them a drum machine quality which really gives “Antidote” an 80s feel.Along with the song, the band released an experimental looking music video. Preoccupations will be releasing a new record titled New Material via Jagjaguar records on March 23. 

Listen to “Antidote” and watch the video below.

New Song from Iceage - "Catch It"

Photo by Steve Gullick
Danish post-punk quartet Iceage appear to be gearing up for a new album. In the meantime, they're teasing us with a great new single and video. "Catch It" is an expansive, jagged rocker - in other words, classice Iceage. It was also self-produced. The accompanying video features dark, colorful shots of vocalist Elias Rønnefelt, and was shot in Los Angeles. The band also announced a North American tour starting in May. This is Iceage's first music since 2014's Plowing Into the Field of Love. Rønnefelt released a Christmas song this past December under his Marching Church moniker. Check out the single artwork, video, and tour dates below.

Brian Fallon's Sleepwalkers Review

Brian Fallon picked up where Bruce Springsteen left off in the world of heartland rock. The Gaslight Anthem frontman is know for his songs that tell hard-luck stories. After putting his band on hiatus in 2015, Fallon released his debut solo record titled Painkillers a year later. The album was well received by critics. However, Fallon's solo debut can be easily grouped in with later Gas Light Anthem records (which is not a bad thing), but he was ready to freshen up his sound a little bit. During an interview with Reverb, Fallon said, "I've already done the Americana, Tom Petty rock thing on the first solo record. Now, I want to get more serious because I feel like I have no business playing in the same arena as (Jason) Isbell and Tom Waits and Lyle Lovett not knowing what I am doing."

For his sophomore record Sleepwalkers, Fallon attempted to take a small stepped away the sound of his last record. Now, this record does have the things a Gaslight Anthem/Brian Fallon …

Week In Reverse 2/10/18

Car Seat Headrest - Teens of Denial (2016)

The wordiest, most ironic, most depressed indie rock out there. It also happens to be some of the best! Last week, I gave Twin Fantasy a listen before the re-release and then decided to revisit Will Toledo and Co.'s most recent album. It's even better than I remember. "Fill in the Blank" and "Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales" have some of the most satisfying hooks in CSH's discography. The first half of the record is definitely more engaging, while the second half is a sprawl of very long songs. While still very good, it's a bit more tiring if listened to in one sitting. If Toledo's lyrics weren't as great, it would be an unfortunate slog.

Soccer Mommy - Songs for the Recently Sad (2015)

Sophie Allison is finally prepping for her official debut album, following last year's 'best of' compilation Collection. To honor the occasion, I dove into her Bandcamp back catalogue. Her first release came…

New Music Friday 2/9/18

Some indie rock comebacks, some compilations, and an album from The X Files' Mulder! Plus a whole lot more!

Franz Ferdinand - Always Ascending (Domino)
Semi-legendary Scottish dance punk outfit return with their fifth LP. This is their first album without founding guitarist Nick McCarthy, and first as a quintet. Their last release, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, came out in 2013; in 2015, they collaborated with Sparks for FFS. Singles include the title track and "Feel the Love Go."

Legend of the Seagullmen - Legend of the Seagullmen (Dine Alone)
Tool drummer Danny Carey and Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds got together and somehow birthed this bizarre oceanic psych-metal band. It's pretty much exactly what you would expect given the concept and the members. There's literally a song ("The Fogger") about Carey prowling the ocean floor and ripping the faces off of skulls.

The Wombats - Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life (Kobalt)
Liverpool electro…

Interview with Aeroplane Company

Aeroplane Company is the instrumental/ambient recording project of Saint Paul, MN/Mason City, IA musician Joel Drzycimski. He is also a member of the indie rock duo Cureton, and makes remixes as Angry Tortilla. Two weeks ago, Joel released his first full-length album as Aeroplane Company, Summit Hill. Recorded throughout 2017, it is a tribute to his "favorite places and favorite people." Ear Coffee was able to exchange a brief email interview with Joel about the record and where he's going next. Read on below!

Why did you start Aeroplane Company around two years ago?

When I was in eighth grade, my parents let me have their old computer. I downloaded this sketchy program called Darkwave Studio and all the free VST [plug-ins] I could get my hands on and made some truly terrible electronic music on that computer. But it was fun and gradually that music got less terrible. A couple years ago, I was digging through some of those songs and it reignited my interest in making…

New Music Friday 2/2/18

Only a couple of releases today. Hey, that means we can spend more time talking about how bad the new Justin Timberlake album is! Awesome!

AWOLNATION - Here Come the Runts (Red Bull Records)

The "Sail" dude is still at it! This is the third AWOLNATION album, and the third one that hasn't really mattered much. It probably bops at least a little bit, I guess.

Listen on Spotify here.
Listen on Apple Music here.

Efrim Manuel Menuck - Pissing Stars (Constellation)

The guitarist responsible for some of the most iconic post-rock ever made has returned for a new solo album. After focusing on Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Silver Mt. Zion for a while, Menuck is finally releasing his second album under his own name, and his first in seven years. Only one track passes the nine-minute mark, which is a little disappointing. That won't stop this album from containing some of the most conceptual and inventive guitar playing of the year.

Listen on Spotify here.
Listen on Apple Musi…

Check Out New Music From Hammock

Nashville guitar-ambient duo have followed up their incredible 2017 album Mysterium with a new EP. Repeat/Texture contains four tracks previously available on a vinyl-only deluxe set. The pieces "form an audio snapshot of a mood space influenced by sound texture...inspiring a specific way to approach the music and the process through which we created it," according to Marc Byrd. The cover artwork was done by Lisa Iglesias. Stream Repeat/Texture below on Bandcamp.

Repeat / Texture by Hammoc

In Pursuit Of Something Interesting: Nick Check & the Dead Century

For this weeks edition of "In Pursuit Of Something Interesting", we are going to stay in the great state of Minnesota. I figured it would be better to dig into the different music from a specific region or city for a couple weeks before moving on to somewhere else. So this week, the gods of chance gave me the Nevada Sun EP from Nick Check & the Dead Century. This EP was brought to my attention after Ear Coffee's Wes Muilenburg wrote about their new single.

The opening track of Nevada Sun, "Houston," sounds like a pop version of a Bruce Springsteen song. It tells a hard-luck story of a man who is living out of a hotel in Houston. The track has a theme of longing and the desperation that permeates most of this band's songs. "Catchy Bruce Springsteen" is probably the best way to describe this EP.

The way the energy flows on the EP is what glues these songs together. "Waste Your Time" transitions seamlessly into "Tulsa." The t…