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Sunday Single | Sal Paradise - "St. Paul Lights"

Extremely lavish Minneapolis quintet Sal Paradise are back with their first song in nearly a year. It's an absolute dream.

"St. Paul Lights" floats by on a cloud of light guitar and tug-of-war drums. The song never fully dissolves, even as the relationship depicted in the lyrics does. Sal Paradise always find a way to blur the lines of their sonic palette (despite only nine songs released in total). A piano arpeggio sprouts up here, a sudden solo from Robert Northrup's guitar declares itself over there. Harmony drapes itself over the subtle chorus. Sal Paradise presents itself here as the soundtrack of a resplendent spring night that only exists in a smoothed-out version of your dreams.

Sal Paradise will release their debut EP, Table for Two, on March 23, 2019. It will feature "St. Paul Lights" and probably some other songs. Listen to "St. Paul Lights" below.


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