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Bob Ross Mob Boss - "Honestly, Honesty" | Premiere

Album art done by Aaron Mylungs

If you follow Bob Ross Mob Boss, you'd know that the band finds it difficult to put a genre tag on their music. Thankfully, the band has figured it out as they get ready to release their most definitive release yet with their second EP Everything's Chrome in the Future. Following up on their 2018 debut EP Hot Saucethe St. Paul-based quartet has been spending time distilling their sound down to a punchy blend of post-punk, emo, and alternative rock. 

Today we are extremely excited to be premiering, "Honestly, Honesty," the first single off the upcoming EP. In an interview with Ear Coffee, members Aaron Mylungs and Bray Fischer talk about the single's theme of a strained relationship and their desire to move into a sonically heavier direction. "That song is a lot about interpersonal stress and feeling unheard in relationships and moving on in relationships," said Fischer. Each verse is sung through a clenched jaw as the tension builds, only to explode with a moment of exasperated triumph. The line "But now I fucking rock" is by far one of my favorite moments on the EP. Bob Ross Mob Boss leaves everything on the field with "Honestly, Honesty." Whether its Bray's soaring guitar solo or Emme Krofta and Nick Howe's rhythm section, each part is played in absolute earnest.

Listen to "Honestly, Honesty" by Bob Ross Mob Boss below.

Everything in the Future is Chrome is out on February 8, 2020. The band will be joined by MarmaladeOftener, and Alien Book Club at the 7th Street Entry on February 18, 2020, for the EP release show.


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