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Bugsy - "Moody Knows Best" | New Music

It's always a pleasant surprise when songs resurface. They get tossed online with little fanfare, as a way of "just getting music out there" or freeing up space on a hard drive. Maybe so the DIY scene kids can learn the lyrics before the next house show. It's often more a means to an end than a full-fledged statement. That is how we arrive at "Moody Knows Best," the debut single from Bugsy.

Emily Schoonover has been prolific over the last few years, as Sharon is Karen (RIP) or as part of Bruise Violet, and now with Bugsy. The quartet are prepping to release their first EP in two weeks, and "Moody Knows Best" is our first delightful sample.

Originally released last year as a demo, "Moody Knows Best" is a refreshing slice of punky power-pop. The dueling guitars of Schoonover and Griffen Desai have a natural propulsion, fueling the song like a batch of pure jet fuel. Bugsy are conscious of their strengths - anxious lyrics wrapped up in gorgeous melodies, meteoric guitar riffs, harmonies that hang in the balance - and go all out in every regard.

Bugsy is Emily Schoonover (vocals/guitar), Griffin Desai (guitar), Alex Norman (drums), and Shannon Maroney (bass/vocals). Empathy, the band's debut EP will be out on Feb. 6. Listen to "Moody Knows Best" below.

Check out the video for "Moody Knows Best" too!


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