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A Non-Comprehensive List of Who You Should Support Today

Hey! In case you didn't hear, Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share for all purchases today, just like they did last month, and will do on the first Friday of the next two months (June 5 and July 3 respectively). Virtually every band and artist you can imagine, DIY or not, has been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which means they need all the help they can get. Bandcamp is one of the best ways to do that in lieu of going to shows. As a way to spread the love (and financial support), we're shouting out some of our favorites. Buy their music, get some merch if you can. This is by no means comprehensive, but we tried to pack in as many bands as we could (with a slight emphasis on more recent releases). All of these bands/artists are worth checking out and we love them dearly. If you can't afford to buy anything at the present time, stream these tunes on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal(???), or wherever you might want. Here's a playlist of some of our 2020 favorites.

Ear Coffee - 2020 Charity Comp (self-released)

We'll get the self-promo out of the way at the start. All of the proceeds goes to benefit TIGERRS. 19 of the best local bands contributed songs, so this is a great way to get a ton of sick music all together, all while supporting a fantastic local organization.

Brace Cove Records - Quarantine Comp (Brace Cove)

Getting another comp out of the way up front. The absolute gems behind Brace Cove Records put this comp out at the start of the month and it's still just as worthwhile of a purchase. All the money goes to Keystone Community Services. 40 bands contributed new and (semi-)exclusive tracks; you're honestly doing yourself a disservice by not getting it.

Allergen - Honesty Hour EP (self-released)

Hot off the press! Allergen just released their debut EP today and it's already one of the year's best. Jangly guitars and high-energy performances perfectly accompany Shannon Maroney's diaristic lyrics. "Dreams" is a contender for song of the year. I really love it and you should to.

Rabeca - Potluck (self-released) 

Rabeca is one of the most fun bands in the entire scene, and I don't just say that because I love jazz and Rabeca is a jazz band. Their compositions burst with positivity and pure joy. Quarantine got you down? Buy Potluck.

4th Curtis - Invisible Ax (self-released) 

Somehow 4th Curtis is perpetually underrated. They've been one of the best bands for a while, but they don't get nearly enough love. Maybe that's just me. But you should still buy the EP. That needs to change. Invisible Ax, their 2019 EP, makes a fantastic case. The trio flexes all of their strengths, from upsettingly catchy melodies to totally unique songwriting and beyond.

Oftener - Daydream EP (self-released) 

Daydream, baybee. You know the drill. Oftener only makes BANGERS. And by bangers, I mean beautiful melancholy transcendant woozy indie rock songs. Same difference. Daydream is one of the most gorgeous EPs of the year, so you know you gotta buy it.

VIAL - "Or Die" (Brace Cove) 

Vial kinda fell off tbh but they real made a comeback with PU WORG.

EVV - "I'm Not Your Woman" & "Dead to Me"

EVV is one of the best vocalists and guitarists in the Twin Cities. This is a fact. Only two singles out? Doesn't matter, they're both fantastic. You can buy "I'm Not Your Man," but both singles are available to stream.

Harper's Jar - Thank You Ancestor Finger (Brace Cove/Heavy Meadow) 

There's nothing I can say. Album of the year. C'mon.

CA$UAL - Rare Form EP (self-released)

One of the most explosive, compulsively listenable things I've ever heard. What a masterpiece.

Wrister - Different Teeth (Brace Cove) 

Different Teeth is one of the best punk albums I've heard in a hot minute. It's like a perfectly cooked steak — straightforward, classic, absolutely delicious.

Partition - Prodigal Gun (Minneapolis Ltd)

You like vinyl? Well, Partition's debut album is now available on vinyl. It's sick. To quote Dillon LaFollette-James' Bandcamp review, "No band in Minneapolis is louder, meaner, and scarier." Those are all good things, and we couldn't agree more.

The Florists - Hold It Together (Heavy Meadow)

One of the best live bands of the decade returns to the realm of recorded music with another fantastic collection of strange, wiry, noisy songs. You'll be dancing before you even know what's happening.



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