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GrayBeat - "Fisherman's Gambit" | Premiere

GrayBeat is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Robin Sedivy. With his brand new single "Fisherman's Gambit," he ushers us into a new era for GrayBeat.

The scattered yet full-bodied "Fisherman's Gambit" sounds like it was recorded by a large Arcade Fire-sized band, with different instruments or chopped vocals phasing in and out of consciousness. Everything was recorded by Sedivy himself. His background as drummer lends itself fully to the immaculate kit playing on the track. The backbone provided by the drums gives support to the kaleidoscope of music contained within the song as a whole. Upon listening, one can immediately tell that each moment was tinkered with until it was exactly right, until the bass and myriad synths worked just perfectly together. Additionally, Sedivy recorded a whopping 26 guitar tracks.

While the craftsmanship is apparent instantaneously, the story being told is less clear. Sedivy told us:

The song tells the story of a torrential rainstorm on Earth hundreds of years from now, when Earth is covered only by one gigantic ocean of water. Humanity didn't survive, and our alien friend finds itself alone on the planet, sailing nowhere in an emotional malaise. Visions of birds and mystical flying creatures come into play, attempting to keep Graylien on track to an unknown destination.
 The sci-fi concept will make sense more in the context of GrayBeat's forthcoming debut album, Elemental Rhapsody, out July 10th. In the meantime, listen to our exclusive stream of "Fisherman's Gambit" below.


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