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VIAL - "Therapy" | New Video

Bands are in a rare position in which they can't record, tour, or play any local shows. But, as proved by the brand new video from Minneapolis' VIAL, they can release new videos.

The latest from the band is a choreographed piece to the lead-off track from VIAL's absolutely stellar debut album Grow Up. "Therapy" was remotely filmed and created by Movement X Media, featuring choreography from Sophie Boisvert and cinematography by Josie Nelson.

Depending on how long social distancing lasts, this might become the new normal for video creation. The Movement X duo came up with the concept on their own and shot it while under lockdown. Not only is the song phenomenal, but the video surpasses the limitations imposed by quarantine to create something truly special.

Watch the new video for "Therapy" below.


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