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Rising Path - "5G" ft. Mujah Messiah, Juice Lord, & A-Scratch | New Music

The duo of James Adamiak and Ryan Long (aka Brass Monkey and Quent Diggy, respectively) has been putting out soulful boom-bap tracks as Rising Path for nearly a year now. Their latest brings them together with Muja Messiah and Juice Lord, as well as frequent collaborator DJ A-Scratch.

"5G" changes things up a bit for the group, swapping out their typical dynamic for something a bit more hard-hitting. Adamiak's beat uses stuttering hi-hats and a forceful piano loop to provide a propulsive sea for the rappers to glide over. The track isn't nearly as conspiracy-minded as the title might imply, fortunately. Each MC threads together smooth boasts: Muja Messiah compares his life to the Make-a-Wish Foundation and threatens to throw a chair at Geraldo Rivera; Quent echoes the flow of Atmosphere's Slug and drops some Shel Silverstein references; Juice Lord finishes the track off by professing allegiance to the truth. A-Scratch glues each verse together.

Listen to "5G" below and stay tuned for Rising Path's forthcoming album.


  1. This is a nice production. Well done MN!

  2. Thank you for the thoughtful write up!!

  3. Hey Wes, "5G" sounds a lot soulful that it is evidence of how an artist can Bring Music to Life ! I have been following music all along with my life diligently, and this is something totally new. From Mozart to Michael Jackson, I have been drifting along with all the music genres available.


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