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GrayBeat - "Fisherman's Gambit" | Premiere

GrayBeat is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Robin Sedivy. With his brand new single "Fisherman's Gambit," he ushers us into a new era for GrayBeat.
The scattered yet full-bodied "Fisherman's Gambit" sounds like it was recorded by a large Arcade Fire-sized band, with different instruments or chopped vocals phasing in and out of consciousness. Everything was recorded by Sedivy himself. His background as drummer lends itself fully to the immaculate kit playing on the track. The backbone provided by the drums gives support to the kaleidoscope of music contained within the song as a whole. Upon listening, one can immediately tell that each moment was tinkered with until it was exactly right, until the bass and myriad synths worked just perfectly together. Additionally, Sedivy recorded a whopping 26 guitar tracks.
While the craftsmanship is apparent instantaneously, the story being told is less clear. Sedivy told us:
The song tells the story o…
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Warren Thomas Fenzi - "Live in the Atrium" | Review

There's a reason cutting a record, live on the floor, has the vibe it does, because you are putting lighting in a bottle. So when musician and engineer Colin Loynachan approached multi-instrumentalist Warren Thomas Fenzi about trying to capture that magic, the pair went all out with Fenzi's newest project, Live in the Atrium.

"I wanted to approach this project differently to that of past projects," Fenzi told Ear Coffee. "The main goal being to really capture the human aspect of acoustic performance in all of its imperfect glory."

Loynachan, Fenzi, the Kremblems (his backing band), and the Delphia Cello Quartet set out to record the album in the four-story-high atrium of the A-Mill Lofts, where they not only put music to tape but also shot a series of videos that feel less like individual performances and more like film vignettes. Fenzi's knack for storytelling combined with the vision of filmmakers Alex Munro, Garrett Wells, and Charlie Berg put in an el…

YYY - "Cool World" | New Music

YYY is the alias of Minneapolis' Austin Carson, a multi-faceted songwriter and producer. The project kicked off in a big way in 2017 with a front-to-back cover of the Beach Boys' classic Pet Sounds, featuring guest spots from artists such as Lydia Liza, deM atlaS, and Doomtree's P.O.S. Starting in March of 2019 and ramping up in the past few weeks, YYY has been teasing towards the release of his debut album aquadungeonafterdark (out June 19th). His last single is the effervescent "Cool World."
Carson's vocals and production recall the goofiest moments of Beck's discography, but injects them with a caffeinated-jolt of electro-pop. The technicolor joy masks a sarcastic disenchantment with the supposedly cool world; "Cool World" is the musical equivalent of smiling through your teeth. Carson matches whimsy with a too-good-to-be-true unease to great effect.
The eye-popping video for "Cool World" was created by Minneapolis animator and musici…

Sister Species - "Light Exchanges" | Interview

(Cover art by Cora Rose Nimtz)
Sister Species is the longstanding chamber pop project of Emily Kastrul, also of Betazoid. That funky synth band was how I was introduced to Kastrul's music at large, which subsequently led to Ear Coffee's coverage of the first two singles off of Sister Species' new album, Light Exchanges. Previously titled Still I Am Still, Kastrul and their six collaborators (including three trumpet players) created a love letter to stillness and the peace that comes with it. Allusions to nature and the elements flow in and out of Kastrul's lyrics, as they dwell on their relationship with things greater than any of us. I sent a handful of questions to Kastrul, who was kind enough to answer. The following interview has been edited and (minimally) condensed.
How did the current band that performed on/contributed to Light Exchanges come together? You worked with nearly all of them on the last two Sister Species records as well (2016's Closer Now and 2018…

Sister Catherine & Floodwater Angel | LMR

Sister Catherine - normie (self-released)
DIY is an ethos, a way of creating art, not a genre. That being said, some records scream "DIY" in the best possible way, no matter how it sounds. Sister Catherine's normie, released two weeks ago, is one of those records.
normie is more of a quilt than an album. Juniper Django, the project's mastermind, has stitched together a vast range of lo-fi styles to create a strange yet friendly mountain of music. The scattered feeling makes sense, since all the songs were put together over the last few years in various collaborations, often starting and ending as loose ideas recorded onto a four track. 
Another way of thinking of normie is as a sketchbook. Each page contains its own unique idea, but any listener can recognize that the same hand drew each sketch. While the looseness is apparent, this isn't a collection of demos, tossed online simply as an act of posterity. It may have began as that. Django has been toying with the re…