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Keep for Cheap - "Forgive Me" | New Music + Q & A

(Cover art by Lydia Williams) We've missed St. Paul's Keep for Cheap . It's been just over a year since they released one of the best EPs of 2019 (and maybe all time?) with Get Along . Towards the end of the winter, the band started playing some new songs regularly at gigs. Attendees of those shows were blessed with a version of the band's incredible new single "Forgive Me." Written by Kate Malanaphy, "Forgive Me" is the natural next step for Keep for Cheap's sound. The twangier elements reach a new level, culminating in a full-on country guitar solo from guitarist Ted Tiedemann. Idyllic lyricism summons uncertain emotions until they burst into clarity through the cloudiness. And my God, the vocal harmonies will always knock me out. To get to the heart of the new song, we asked Malanaphy a few questions via email — read their answers below. While reading, why not listen to "Forgive Me" on repeat for the rest of the day? Forgive Me by Ke
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Abe Anderson - "Love You More" | New Music

We've been waiting a long while for new music from Abe Anderson, Cannon Falls' resident producer extraordinaire. Not because he hasn't been busy — he's released two albums with two different bands in the last three months alone, on top of recording work and launching a YouTube channel . But it's been far longer since he's released any solo music. From his 2019 debut EP Slacker  onward, there's been a handful of varied yet uniformly excellent singles; however, nothing too definitive. The wait is over with "Love You More," the first single from his forthcoming debut record. It's Anderson's shortest song to date, but it revels in its brevity. Written at the start of lockdown as a tribute to his partner, "Love You More" glows warmly with gracious dedication. Hints of new wave peak in between spidery guitar lines. It's a far cry from the grungy pop-punk Anderson was putting out just over a year ago, but the songwriting has held tru

Anita Velveeta - "Jet Set Radio Futureless" | New Music

(Cover art by Ryan K. Hulsey ) Productivity has come in flashes for a lot of people — before, during, and after the first (and now hopefully second) quarantine lockdowns. I'm not totally sure when Alien Book Club 's Anita Bauer started working on her new solo single, "Jet Set Radio Futureless," but it hardly matters. Even without a title alluding to the early 00's video game Jet Set Radio Future , this song sounds beamed in from a different timeline. From the very first seconds, your head is sent spinning. Flamenco guitar charges in immediately, setting the scene for a brief moment. Then, any possible expectations are thrown out of the window of a moving car as 90's breakbeats start pounding and almost 100 gecs-like vocals crackle through aging stereo speakers. Each seemingly disparate sound collides like bighorn rams headbutting the absolute hell out of each other, but instead of causing bovine brain damage, it sets off musical fireworks. Somehow, Bauer even

Cliffdiver - "Gas City" | New Music

Tulsa, Oklahoma's Cliffdiver always operates with every cylinder firing at maximum capacity. The sextet stuffs as much as possible into every song until it's just about ready to burst. Following their 2019 EP At Your Own Risk  and last March's "Water Temple" single, they're back with the ebullient new track "Gas City." In more ways than one, "Gas City" is a new step for Cliffdiver. For starters, it's their first song featuring vocals from Briana Wright, who adds a wonderful flare to the anthemic chorus. It also might be the most encouraging song the band has ever released. The song's title has nothing to do with the tiny city in Indiana ; instead, it comes from the core lyric "you need to gas up all of your homies / so they won't give up." Cliffdiver absolutely owns this pay-it-forward wholesomeness, offering a lift to the listener's spirits. The song's supportive messaging is matched by its the over-the-top t

Champagne Colored Cars - "Fever Dream: Season 3" | New Music

(Cover art by Taylor Adams) Last Friday, Atlanta math-punk trio Champagne Colored Cars released the lead single for their forthcoming debut Tourism , an exciting foray into new sonic territory for the band. The shining Midwest emo they played with on 2017's EP  comes into focus on "Fever Dream: Season 3."  Inspired by tourmates like New Jersey's Invalids , the band started working on the songs that would end up on Tourism  almost immediately after releasing their 2018 split with Sleepy Limbs . "We stopped trying to worry about fitting into a specific subgenre or anything like that, which honestly helped our ideas flow a lot smoother and easily," said vocalist/guitarist Tyler Perkins. The songs started coming together quickly, but CCC took their time to settle into each one. Nathan Hardy, guitarist/vocalist of Microwave , came on board to engineer the record, and Jon "Steel Wolf" Markson of Taking Meds mixed it. Tourism by Champagne Colored Cars &