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Bora York Release New Single "Glowing"

After a three year break, Minneapolis indie-pop duo Bora York are back with a new single - "Glowing." The duo, consisting of Chris and Rebekah Bartels, described the song as a "summer love anthem." Over a delightfully hypnotic beat, they sing of unapologetic and unconditional love - for them, it's impossible to see the one you love as anything other than glowing.

Despite the pop veneer, "Glowing" incorporates the group's more experimental tendencies. Blissed-out and glitchy vocals meld with chair squeaks and thumping drums. By ending their hiatus with a track like this, Bora York is "lay[ing] groundwork for a coming future of lush pop experiments." Welcome to a new era of Bora York.

The duo's last album was 2015's Secret Youth. Earlier this year, they released a remix EP (DreamYouth), featuring contributions from Hot Dad among several others. "Glowing" will come out on Chris' Anthem Falls Music.

Read more about the single and save it on Spotify here. The band is playing a single release show at the Varsity Theater on July 19 - get tickets here.


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