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Listen to the Debut Single from the Swedish American Duo 7000apart

The Green Bay Wisconsin based Swedish-American duo 7000apart has one of those stories that feels like it was born from a love song. Husband and wife Jon Kresin and Amelie Eiding met in high school when Eiding was studying abroad from Sweden. The two met in a music theory class began a relationship after Kresin invited Eiding to his house to show off his "basement studio" that was, in reality, just a Midwestern basement with a computer and single microphone. It was safe to say that Eiding was a little underwhelmed by the "studio," but whatever charm Kresin used worked and their relationship grew; however, the school year came to an end and Eiding had to go back to Sweden. So the two formed the band as a way to keep their relationship strong while the Kresin and Eiding were 7000 kilometers apart.

7000apart released their debut single "Blank Check" which is the first of three tracks leading up to their first album We Are More. Much like how the band was born out of a way to continue and grow Kresin and Eiding's relationship, the single (and album) speak to the struggles that come from maintaining a long distance relationship. "Blank Check" speaks to the desperate feeling of not knowing where the relationship went awry. Rising from a sparkling piano riff, Amelie Eiding's powerful voice asks to herself, "Where did we go wrong?" These words fill the listener with feelings of frantic soul searching, trying to pinpoint the exact moment everything went sour. "Blank Check" shows what an artist can do with minimal instrumentation. An understated piano and simple beat supports Eiding's voice which propels "Blank Check" forward as it ebbs and flows, building to an expansive climax before fading away to a tentative ending.

You can listen to "Blank Check" everywhere you consume your music. 7000apart's debut album We Are More is expected to be released in early summer of 2019.


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