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Keep for Cheap - "Day Without You"

Keep for Cheap have established themselves as a fixture of the Twin Cities indie kid circuit over the past several months, playing shows with Ear Coffee favorites like the Clean Tramps, Alexander Natalie, and Miloe. Finally, they're releasing their debut single, "Day Without You."

The quintet utilizes each member's assets smoothly and confidently.  Layered vocals act as a gentle wave that carries the listener into a cloud. There is an organ that shimmers in and out of focus. The sandy ocean floor is made out of rollicking (Ear Coffee's word of the day for describing guitar parts) electric guitar. It is a relentlessly pleasant song, even as the sentiment burns with longing.

I'm tempted to classify Keep for Cheap as a supergroup, even with only one song to their name. Sal Paradise's Robert Northrup, the Contingents' Ted Tiedemann, Kate Malanaphy on vocals and guitar. The group is rounded out with the exceptional Autumn Vagle on guitar and lead vocals and Lydia Williams chugging away behind the kit. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I want a full album. Like, now. Or even more solo stuff? I'd be completely fine with a Wu-Tang situation here. When are we getting the Keep for Cheap Liquid Swords and Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...? No matter what, Keep For Cheap make it abundantly clear that you don't want to live a day without them.

The track was produced, mixed, and mastered by Remo Drive's Erik Paulsen, who has become a go-to behind-the-scenes guy since Greatest Hits came out in 2017.

Listen to "Day Without You" below.


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