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David Huss and The Headwaters - "Intuition" | Album Review

For many, the image of the traveling folk singer is one that evokes a level of romanticism in your mind, a road-worn troubadour that tells you stories of love, loss, and what's beyond your small worldview. For David Huss, his time abroad in college playing gigs in Australian bars, and working as a fisherman in Alaska have set him up to be that ideal 21st-century folk troubadour, and this is all reflected into his debut album Intuition.

The album, at its core, tackles the feelings surrounding the life decisions you have to make in your 20s. The album's triumphant opening "Shelikof" has David asking if he belongs or not. This hesitation and search for affirmation pop up again in songs like "Critic," "Wings," and "Horizon." That unease makes figuring what's next in life difficult. Whether it's an inner critical monologue or anxiety over an important decision, David always seems to find a place in each song that gives a sense of comfort, a harbor from the storm. The inner conflict in the song "Wings" leaves David realizing that he doesn't have a safety net as a backup during a leap of faith. The lyrics, "Recklessly I climbed / 25 steps high and I forgot my wings," paint this picture of rushing into something without thinking about the ramifications.

Where would a good folk album be without a love song or two? Thankfully, Intuition definitely delivers. Again and again, David uses his lyrics in a way that breathes a different kind of life into a scene. One of my favorite tracks, "Cut a Rug," has these little moments where his personal touches pop out of an otherwise familiar song. It's the addition of little details like the color of the person's eyes or giddiness over budding love that makes moments hit harder than they normally would.

David's nuanced writing found in this album provides a light-hearted look at otherwise intense topics, and this record has given David quite a foothold in the world of folk music. 

Intuition was released everywhere on Friday, September 13. You buy the album by clicking the link below. You also listen to our interview with David for the Ear Coffee Podcast wherever you get your podcasts.


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