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Little Lizard - "Star Child" | New Music

Funk punks Little Lizard is back with their second single "Star Child" from their forthcoming record earthlings. Never ones to do the same thing twice, multi-instrumentalists Lizz D. and Shea Daniel are always pushing what they can do as an instrumental duo. "Star Child" features spacy trombone and trumpet sonic explorations over bombastic 808 beats that teeter between transcendence and crashing back down to earth with each traded solo.

The duo is hitting the road for a nine-date tour in support of the "Star Child" and the forthcoming earthlings. Little Lizard will be kicking things off at the Kitty Cat Klub on Tuesday, September 10 along with Fitness, Hadiza, and Pure Shifter. The gig is free, but you must be 21 and older to attend. 

You can listen to "Star Child" above and check out dates for their tour below. 


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