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Double Grave - "Chrysanthemum" | Premiere

Credit: August Schultz

Despite the world dragging by amidst the pandemic, it hasn't been too long since we last heard from Minneapolis' Double Grave. The band released their second full-length album Goodbye, Nowhere! in August of last year, which gave them some of the national attention they deserve. While continuing to work on new music, Double Grave is putting out a few shorter, quieter releases as a stop-gap between albums. Today, we're premiering the title track to the first EP, "Chrysanthemum."

You've already heard "Chrysanthemum" if you were among the lucky few who snagged one of the first 50 vinyl copies of Goodbye, Nowhere! — the entire EP was included on CD with a cardboard sleeve and handwritten tracklist. The songs themselves originated from guitarist/vocalist Jeremy Warden's now-defunct Animal Actor solo project, which featured Warden singing with a four-string bass. There were plans to put out a full-length Animal Actor record, but it became another casualty of the pandemic. However, instead of throwing the songs on the shelf to gather dust, Warden and Double Grave drummer/producer Seth Tracy decided to work on it during quarantine, ultimately deciding to absorb the songs into being a full band release. 

"There was a really long deliberation about whether or not these would be 'Animal Actor' songs or 'Double Grave' songs or 'Jeremy Warden' songs," Warden told Ear Coffee. "Eventually though, we made the choice to include these with G,N!, and after that, I sort of made the decision to only release music under Double Grave from now on, even if that means DG's sound will be a bit more all over the place going forward."

"Chrysanthemum" harkens back to 2019 when the band was working on Goodbye, Nowhere! and touring the country. Without getting too sappy, the track is a love letter to being able to grab that someone special by the hand and take to the open road for adventure. Even with the rough edges of the distorted bass, it lulls you in with its droning chords. Warden's tender vocals evoke safe, sepia-toned memories through images of sunrises and midday rains. The bass is joined during the final third of the track by fuzzy guitar lines, synths, and minimal percussion, creating the ability to let go and get lost in your own introspection. 

The intimacy of Warden's romanticism provides a new layer to the band's output. There has always been a level of openness with Double Grave's releases, but "Chrysanthemum" gives a shimmer of hope for future warm summer days and new memories that can save for a future day when we need an escape. 

Chrysanthemum is out Friday, March 19 via Sad Cactus Records. Listen to the title track down below. 


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